Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Crazy Things (Not Really)

First: Pro's Ranch Market is the most entertaining grocery store I've ever been to. I wanted to make breakfast burritos for dinner (which came out spectacularly, recipe to come) and I needed tortillas for burritos. A friend of Stef's referred us to Pro's Ranch Market which has these ginormous tortillas perfect for restaurant style wraps and burritos (ie huge). 

This store is the strangest place I've seen in the ABQ. On the outside it looks like a hunting lodge minus the stuffed animal heads. The inside has the appearance of a Mexican Stew Leonard's. The analogy falls apart because I just learned that Stew Leonard's is a CT, NY thing and not nationwide or even East Coast. Anyways, Stew Leonard's is the most magical grocery store that I've ever encountered with some great delicious prepared foods and even more awesome fresh foods. 

Pro's is just like that but instead of being American cuisine, it's all Mexican. There is a huge section of burritos, enchiladas, tamales, tacos, etc. There was a cart of gigantic chicharrones (fried pig skin) which I got a picture of. To top it all off, there was the stereotypical Mexican anthem playing really loud over the store stereo system. Latin culture is great...

Second: McDonalds has completely automated drink dispensers. This probably isn't as amazing as I am thinking but it was a bit unexpected to see. The story begins with Stef making me drive her to McDonalds for a late night snack (my buddy Adam and I used to do this all the time in undergrad almost every night). Waiting for our food in the drive through I saw this cup moving around and it was filled at some point. I was astonished. 

I wonder if the machine is completely automated, like when the order get's punched into the register or if an employee has to enter the order into the machine and then it takes over from there. If McDonalds has fully automated drink dispensers than machines bent on human annihilation is just around the corner. Mark my words.

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