Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Story of Zoi

I just found out a dog named Zoi passed away. She was a dear friend from my childhood, and she lived to the ripe old age of 15. She was spectacular and I have many fond memories of her. Let me tell you about her as well:
I was getting ready for school one morning and my mom had already left for work. Just as I was leaving the house to catch the bus, my mom pulled up and showed me that she found a puppy labrador retriever on the side of the road. From what I recall she said, "I saw this little puppy walking along the road and I pulled over. I opened the door and she came running over and jumped right in."

I went to school that day and came home to my uncle (who at that time was living just a couple houses away) playing with her in the backyard. He and my mom had been calling her Honey for lack of anything better, and I joined in the playing and the Honey calling. 

My mom warned my brother and I that we would not be keeping the dog for various reasons. Even though I knew she was right, I still wanted her because she was sooo cute and until that point was the only dog breed I ever had experience with (my dad had a dog named Lily for some time and then we had a black lab named Cocoa after that).

Well I guess my mom called my dad asking if he knew anyone who would want a dog and it turned out that his friend Margarita and her husband Jim (who I knew and we hung out with frequently) were looking to get a dog. This was the perfect opportunity for them, and so later that day they came over to my mom's place to check out the dog and decide to get her. History would have it that they decided to adopt Honey who would hence forth be known as Zoi.

I remember that when Margarita and Jim said they wanted Zoi, my brother and I were a little sad, but they promised that we would be able to come over and visit whenever we wanted. It worked out in another way because while we did get to see Zoi very frequently (until I went to college), we also established a greater friendship with Margarita and Jim (who we called Uncle Jimbo). 

Zoi led to lots of sledding trips where we would go to the biggest sledding hill I have ever seen. We would sled and then walk with Zoi where she would play in the snow. In the fall Jim would make these giant leaf piles and my brother and I would jump in the leaves with Zoi. With Jim we cultivated interests in video games where he got us addicted to Descent and we got him addicted to Diablo. Eventually Zoi would have a brother named Chance and we got to play with him too. 

If it weren't for Zoi we (Jason and I) probably wouldn't have been able to hang out with Jim and Margarita as often as we did growing up and I wouldn't change that for anything. She was a great dog and she brought us closer to some great friends. Zoi, you lived a long and much loved life. I'm going to miss you girl!

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