Monday, October 25, 2010

Stef Just Learned She Has Food Alergies

Very interesting indeed. I was making burritos for dinner and I made some guacamole and salsa. As we ate Stef commented how the avocado is making her lips ichy because they were really chapped. The way she said it was interesting. She mentioned the itching lips like it was nothing, like that happens to everyone. 

At first I just nodded in agreement, cause it does happen to everyone. I mean I hate when my lips itch when I eat avocado... wait, what? My lips don't itch when I eat avocado. In fact that's really strange. So I actually said, "That sounds like you have a food allergy."

She laughed like that's impossible and I told her the only times I've ever heard of itchy lips and mouth was in the case of food allergies. Then she went to that magical colorful search engine and discovered that there is a type of allergen in avocados that gives people those exact symptoms. Then she learned that there were related foods that had similar symptoms and she realized that all those foods gave her the same reactions. 

Interesting indeed. So, all those times she ate honeydew, avocado, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and latex she thought that everyone experienced that and never thought about it. Good thing she didn't have a more serious reaction. It would suck to think that everyone suffocates when you taste a little bit of delicious honeydew melon. I know every time I lick some latex my tongue swells and my throat gets smaller...

Wait, latex? Yes, interesting huh? I don't know how they discovered people's lips itch when they contact lat... oh now I get it. Anyways, I haven't looked into the matter but I guess the protein that causes this reaction is in all of these substances. And if I use fuzzy science, it makes sense since most of those things are all tropical and tomatoes come from a plant like the rest. That's what I'm going to believe until I decide to do some reading. And you should too.

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