Saturday, October 2, 2010

New IheartAnthony Splash Page

If you don't periodically check for updates I implore you to do so now:
I've given up on doing nothing and instead decided to do something for a change. I will restart site building again for the next couple of days and then I will stop to work on a super secret side project (no it's not secret it is for my brother, he is graduating soon!) and then once that is done I will finish up on IheartAnthony. 

Once I get the site up and running I will start working on the many graphic story (sounds better and more porny than comic books doesn't it?!) ideas I have. The plan is to graduate grad school and then publish my stories and then make loads of money from graphic design, web design, and book sales! Fool proof!

1 comment:

Dad said...

It sounds fool proof..... but who is the fool????? :) yuk, yuk :)

I like the new page, way cool. nicely implemented...

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