Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Knicks are Back

I've been waiting a long time to relish that phrase. I haven't talked much NBA on here because the team I love has been so horrible that they haven't been worth talking about. Finally they have a decent team that should be playoff bound and I can talk about them again. Right now they are working out the kinks in preseason with the regular season set to begin late this month. 

They had their first game together on Sunday and while it didn't mean anything statistically, it will help them grow. They played alright, but they showed promise which is what I was hoping for at least. After a couple practice games like this, hopefully they will show all that they need to prove they are a winning team and not just a collection of 15 guys like they have in the past. 

Who knows, maybe this is the year I get to go to a playoff game. I went to their very last playoff game back in 2005 (the summer I went to PR), and I would love to go to their next. Let's make this happen!

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