Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Here!

Square Card Reader
I'm so happy it is finally here after so long. I'm sad though that I no longer have a reason for it. I had so many plans when I first applied for it. Now I've... moved on. Oh well. 

I've tested it and at least it works. I charged myself a dollar which means that I lost about $0.18 in the transaction. If you see me in the street stop me and ask to pay me a dollar. I will happily accept your donation. You can also donate via paypal too or by simply clicking the ads that have been on this site for about a month now.

If my life fails miserably at least I will be a successful homeless man. I can beg for change and people won't be able to turn me down, because I can accept credit cards. Everyone carries credit! 

Anyways I'll be available for parties too. If you are running a garage sale you can hire me to accept credit. I'll only charge a small fee. The possibilities are endless.

One last thing. Now that I have this card reader, I should look into expanding the capability to other apps. I'll have to talk with various people who are far more skilled at programming than I, but I'm sure it can easily be done. More to come... one day.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Anthony, another brilliant ideas but this is by far the best, because yes people always have CC's on them:)

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