Saturday, October 9, 2010


You may or may not have noticed the shared items in the sidebar over there. I use Google Reader to gather all the websites that I frequent so I can read them all in one cozy spot. I can choose to share articles that I read with the world and they either show up to people who follow me in Reader, or you can view them over there. 

Back in August I made the commitment to get better at design and I've been following a couple of prominent blogs that specialize in graphic and web design. My favorites are Abduzeedo and Veerle's Blog. From time to time, you will see some select articles from those two sites and as soon as you check them out, you'll see why.

Abduzeedo is my main source for inspiration. They have a daily list of some eye-catching designs in both illustration and photography. Also each week they feature some really cool free fonts called "Friday Fresh Free Fonts." My favorite is the weekly logo design showcase, where they select logos that fit the category of the week. Some are inspired and inspiring and others are obvious rip-offs of the best. I like to think my stuff matches up with some of the best, just without the portfolio to back it up.

Veerle's blog dabbles in a little bit of everything, but my favorite posts are the frequent one shots. She shows a lot of design that inspires her and in turn inspires me. Occasionally, she'll blog about a useful Illustrator technique or some web development, but those illustrations really jazz me up.

So check out those posts that I share in the side bar and become inspired just as I am inspired. Maybe you'll learn something that can help you too. 

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