Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside-Out Chile Rellenos

A chile relleno is a green chile with cheese stuffed on the inside. When I make them, I like to add some meat to give it a little extra nutritional value. Today I decided to make some inside-out rellenos, where I wrapped chicken around some chile and cheese. Here is what you will need:
  • Chicken Breast (deboned and skinned)
  • green chile, chopped
  • shredded cheese
  • bread crumbs (I love Panko style)
If you have a thick breast, pound it with a meat tenderizer and then cut it in half parallel to your cutting board so that you get 2 thin pieces with large surface area. Now take your cheese and chile and spread it along the top surface of each piece of chicken. Roll the chicken like a burrito and use some skewers or toothpicks to hold the meat in place. You can probably leave it like this, but for extra fanciness cut the chicken into pinwheel slices. Finally coat the chicken in breadcrumbs. You can choose to make a fry batter if you want, but the breadcrumbs/panko actually hold decently without using an egg. 

Now you can just fry the chicken in your favorite oil for about 6 min on each side or until golden brown. Remove from heat and let drain on some paper towels. Voila, delicious inside-out rellenos. 

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