Friday, October 15, 2010

I am old...

I started playing intramural soccer as an attempt to get in shape since I haven't worked out in a couple months. Soccer is great exercise and it would be nice to run and do things from my youth. Too bad I'm too old for soccer apparently. 

We had our first game two Wed ago (which we lost 0-8, ouch) and I literally ran for 10 min and then I was gassed... for the remainder of the game. I also strained my groin, somehow. I let it heal hoping to be ready for my next game this past Mon. Well no one showed up for that game and so I spent the hour passing a soccer ball.

Then I hurt my groin again. Great. My next game was the next day and of course I played in that. When I was younger I wouldn't stay injured for very long so of course I didn't think it would bother me. Well it did and the game went to penalty shootout. I had a shot and hurt my groin AGAIN on the kick. At least it went in...

I guess I can't do things like I used to. Am I too old for this $#!&? (Courtesy How I Met Your Mother via Lethal Weapon) I'm going to need to spend some time each day stretching just to prevent injury. I remember the old days when I could just run and play without a care in the world. Now I need a walker.

[Side bar: How I Met Your Mother is a hilarious show. With Mad Men's season ending and 30 Rock just beginning I needed something to fill the other days of the week, and HIMYM does that nicely. I held out for so long not watching it, but I realized I liked most of the actors in the show and gave it a shot. It has not let me down. I highly recommend it.]

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