Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Zombie Apocalypse Hits ABQ

Last night Stef and I had two options for an evening affair: go see a burlesque show or walk around a corn maze lit only by moonlight. It's easy to guess which one we chose... the corn maze you perv! Anyways, what we thought would be a night of fun was more like a scene from a George A Romero movie.

We arrived at the corn maze in the Poblanos Open Fields. The night air was cool and crisp. The moon was a golden hue as it lay low on the horizon. We walked up to the corn maze entrance and paid our dues. The cashier made idle chit-chat and slipped in that we needed to sign a waiver. While Stef signed our names, another employee gave us a map and a quick description of how to interpret it (there was some folly in the design). 

This struck us as strange. Why would we need to sign a waiver to enter a corn field? Why also would they provide us a confusing map to navigate a maze? Wouldn't the map be useless? It is a maze after all.

We shrugged away our worries and headed into the maze.

Shortly after entering the maze we were greeted by some children. "We are the children of the corn," was the greeting we received. They walked by us as we giggled at their foolishness. We wandered around the maze for a while and realized that the corn from the stalks were missing. Where could they have gone? Have they been harvested already? 

We ventured further into the maze and came across a few people, all of them asking, "Seen any clues?" We had not. Before we entered the maze we were told there was a murder mystery and there would be clues throughout the maze to help people find out "who dun it". 

As we continued through the maze more and more people asked us for clues. We knew about the murder mystery, but everyone we came across acted very strangly about it. 

At some point we noticed some people following us. We walked around the maze looking to lose them, but they were just a few steps behind us. Coming across a dead end, we dove in between some stalks and found a "safe zone" from our pursuers. We could see their flashlights searching for us, but we stayed quiet, hidden, and low and eventually they went away.

When we returned to the path we noticed there were more people and they all seemed to be looking for us. Every corner, there were more people looking for us. "Seen any clues?" You could hear them ask. We would run around corners when we could, but sometimes we would get trapped in between two groups and we would just try and blend in, "Where are the clues?" 

Soon they stopped falling for it. Now, there were way more "people" and they were all looking for us. We were surrounded. We decided to just run at every close encounter and hope for the best. As we ran, Stef's slipper came off. As she frantically tried to put it back on, they (as we could only refer to them) closed in on us. She managed to get it back on just before they got to us. We escaped once again.

We found we were now alone in the maze. We mulled our options and decided we needed to get out. We also managed to find some corn. It was gross and disfigured. We figured out that whoever built this maze was luring people in and changing them somehow. We didn't want to end up the latest test subjects.

Using the moonlight as our guide and the few stars as references we worked our way out of the maze slowly. We had a couple of close calls. We would either hide in the stalks until they passed, or we would take another path. Eventually we found our way out and hugged and jumped in jubilation. The actual people who were just entering were perplexed, but we knew the truth. 

If you happen upon the Maize Maze of Los Poblanos Fields, beware. Something strange is going on.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

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