Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sym-bionic Titan

Cool New Show
I'm sorry folks. Instead of writing the next portion of "My (Former) Research Explained" I instead watched a cartoon. I had seen trailers for it a couple months ago and thought the art was very cool and it featured a giant robot, which is always cool. So I had to see it. I missed the debut on Friday but managed to catch a replay this morning. THANK GOODNESS!

This show is like a new-age Voltron! It is totally sweet in every single way, except that it is too short. A half-hour is just not enough time. Let me tell you why:
  • The show is about 3 aliens seeking refuge from their home world. It turns out they have the ability to transform their humanoid bodies into devastating robot forms. Awesome!
  • They decide to assimilate into society by joining a local high school and the creators exaggerate everything about social life (something that is familiar to all of you via me). Hilarious!
  • Giant monsters attack the Earth in search of the extra-terrestrials (like the Robeasts of Voltron), and the three unite to form a giant robot. Mega-Awesome!
So in conclusion. This show has it all and I want the toys. I don't know if there are plans for toys, but I want them and I want them now.

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