Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprise Night in Chama, New Mexico

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I found out on Friday that Stef and I would be spending Labor Day in a cabin in the woods. We were invited by her Aunt Gerrie and Uncle Robert to join their family up in Chama, NM. It was about a 2.5 hour drive each way. We spent the first day cooking, drinking, and just hanging out.

The cabin itself was in the middle of nowhere, about 5 miles off the main/only road in the forest of New Mexico. There was plenty of wildlife around the cabin. I set some feed out and literally 15 minutes later, some deer rolled up to chill with us.

We also hung out in the town of Chama (the cabin was just south) for a couple of hours. I learned that this town has absolutely nothing there, yet is still a popular hangout for tourists over the age of 70 or who are interested in not very appealing artistry.

Other activities included:

  • Texas Hold 'Em tourney
  • Dinner of compliments - where we shared our love for each other with minor homoeroticity.
  • Dance-a-thon (complete lyrics in the info)
  • 7 people to a room sleeping
  • Bocce and Horseshoe Tourney (I lost both, but narrowly in the first round)
The best part of this trip is that I averaged an impressive 30mpg in my WRX for the trip over 320 miles. Normally that would run me my entire tank, but it was only 3/4 tank which is pretty sweet.

Here are some photos from the overnight:

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