Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ray's Super Secret Surprise Party

This past weekend, my mom threw a surprise dinner party for Ray. My brother, Jason, acted as private chef for the evening and planned an elegant menu. He planned a 4-course dinner and dinners were allowed to choose between a chicken or a fish entree. Since I could not join the party (flights were uber-expensive) I had to help in another way. I was relegated all the graphic design duties. I got to design place holders for each guest and a menu for display and as a reminder for what people are getting. Check out the pictures...

This is the menu and the place holder for Ray. Since he was the birthday boy, he got the only beef entree.

On the back of everyone's place holder was a quote from Ray that related to the person on the place holder in some capacity. I also denoted a person's entree choice with a fish or chicken graphic behind their name.

This is the place holder for a chicken entree and my brother who got his own special place holder.

Here is the menu again, but readable.

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