Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chico's Accident

I was going to amend my first post of this traumatic event, but I didn't think anyone would read it so I figured it was best to tell you all in a new post, exactly what happened to my buddy.

Apparently at some point last night he dug into the neighbors yard. They have a couple of huskies and I guess they were just protecting their yard from the tiny intruder. They got into it with him and the neighbors found him at some point last night. He tried to hold onto his life for many hours and finally around 11am today the neighbors brought him over.

Stef called me at work saying that she couldn't find him anywhere. I left immediately to help search for him and got a call about 2 miles away from her telling me that Chico had been attacked and he was in bad shape.

When I finally got to him, let me tell you he was in bad shape. I won't go into details, but we rushed him to the emergency room where they told us there was a very high percentage that he wouldn't make it out of surgery. We decided it was best to give him a peaceful death. We went into the emergency room and said our goodbyes. He died shortly after that.

There really is no one to blame for this because the dogs were just defending themselves and Chico was the intruder. The only thing I'm mad about is that the next door neighbors didn't bring him over last night when they found him, opting for many hours later being the appropriate time. I want to believe that even if we got him to the vet immediately after the accident, that he still wouldn't have made it, and that he hung onto the last legs of his life just so he could see us all again. RIP buddy.


Mom said...

Anthony I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, he was loved by you so much and he will be missed by us all

Dad said...

Anthony and Stef,
Oh my God that is just so heartbreaking. Dogs are members of the family and to lose one so suddenly is so sad. I know how much you loved that dog. I can't believe the neighbors waited so long. My heart goes out to youand Stefanie. He did hang on long enough to be in your loving arms. This has been a tough week for you.

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