Sunday, June 6, 2010

P90X: Many Weeks Later

Can you believe it's already been over a month since I finished P90X? I can't. I've actually done pretty well for myself since completing the program. I haven't gained the weight back (yet) and I've pretty much adjusted to my lifestyle change. Full results after the jump.
Ok, where to begin...

Well my weight has increased a little bit. I managed to drop down to 159 for a day the lowest weight I had ever seen in my life (I was born at a whopping 161lbs). And now I sit at a nice 169. Not too bad. The interesting thing though is that while I have not been gaining weight I feel like I have. I guess I have OCD.

My workouts have been much easier than P90X, mostly because the workouts I'm doing are for strength instead of fat burning, but instead of doing a rest week I do a truncated version of P90X. It actually is a nice change of pace and refreshes me for the next block of exercises. 

My diet hasn't changed much either. I tend to eat more carbs now, but most of the time I maintain my reduced calorie "diet." It's not much of a diet now since I realize this is the way I have to eat and it's more a lifestyle at this point. I can enjoy myself occassionally, but if I do it for more than a day or two I feel like I will relapse. Hopefully the mental struggle will end soon though and I'll be free. 

So in conclusion, the things I applied to P90X have carried over into life afterward, thank goodness. I'm eating much better than back in December and I'm exercising again. I've also kept doing the Yoga, which was my favorite aspect of P90X. As long as I can maintain these good habits, I'll have my life back in order. Read more of the Randomly Grad Life to follow what happens next.

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