Friday, June 11, 2010

Owed Goodie #1

I've been a little slow to post since things in lab have been taking off and since I've begun the IheartAnthony endeavor. I'll get back to it all slowly and update you with how things are going. In terms of research I think I'll continue the My Research Explained posts with modern ongoings where I talk about exactly what I've been uber busy with the past month.

My graphic design has been slacking a little but I did a couple of pieces in the past few weeks and I'll post them in the coming days. I have a couple projects looming too and will get to those when I have the chance. One of them is for my buddy Andy.

In the meantime here is a logo I did for a local business that I raved about called Zombie Doughnuts after the break.

The tagline is my favorite part. When I envisioned this concept originally I had just the font in mind and then the tagline popped into my head so I had to do a zombie as well. I also was going to do decaying letters and make them look like body parts, but I think the blood doughnuts is a much better approach. The font took me a while to get right but I think it came out well. The owner of the shop, David, features a maple and bacon doughnut and it can be seen in the "o" in doughnuts. It's really good too.

Finally it goes without saying that there is a special cameo as the zombie. I couldn't really think of what I wanted the zombie to look like and all the people models on Google image search were disappointing. Now that I think about it though I should have gone with an elderly person for the model, but I think I look good as a flesh eating corpse if I do say so myself. 

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