Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting a Google Voice Number

This has been a tough decision for me for quite some time. Currently I have Voice setup to use my regular cell number and all that I get is voice mails. Of course I'm not complaining because the voice mail feature is awesome and hilarious. The question is should I go through the hassel of getting a new phone number and having to give everyone that number? Let's come up with the plusses and minuses...

  • I get all the features of Google Voice
  • It could help with branding - I could make my number that has something to do with I<3Anthony
  • Maybe one day I will have more than one phone and I will be set
  • There are tons of amazing things you can do with voice.
  • I have to give everyone a new number.
  • No one would get the branding relationship - because numbers show up in caller id and not letters.
  • Anyone I haven't notified of the change would not know who is calling/texting them.
It's funny how I was one of the first of my social circle to use Google Voice and still have not upgraded to getting a Google number. Koch uses it and has said it's fine and I don't think he has had problems. I've actually contemplated this a lot over the past 6 months and still haven't decided to do it. I'm leaning towards doing it though.

I'm trying to figure out what would be the best phone number. Here are my thoughts:
  • Anthony - perfect because it is 7 numbers, not perfect because it is not available
  • ihrtant - perfect because of branding and 7 numbers, also not available
  • hrtant - available, I would get an area code in california
  • ant - available and with the same area code I have now or one from ABQ
  • ihrt4nt - available, seems perfect, area code in IL
Those are all that I can come up with off the top of my head that I've searched for. That last one seems awesome but I can't seem to jump on it because of the area code thing. I find this odd because I understand that contacts are global now and there really is no such thing as long distance anymore, and even if there is there won't be for long. Let's poll the choices and I'll make my final decision sometime this week. Tell me what you think through the comments, friendfeed, facebook, email, or voicemail.

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