Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea!

Kids can do some amazing things now-a-days. I went to Google.com and there is some contest going on where children draw the Google logo and the winner get's posted on the site. Before I get into the details let me just say, this is a brilliant advertising campaign where 33,000 children will now and forever always go to Google first! Second the blogosphere must be advertising Google to no end (me included) and that is more advertising. Google is brilliant!

Anyways the shit these kids are drawing is spectacular and in each region of voting there are at least 2 drawings that I think deserve equal billing. I will let you start here and look around. The youngest grade groups blow my mind. Although my favorite drawings overall are in no particular order:
  • A chemist curing kidney cancer
  • superfast computer for everyone
  • save the coral reefs
  • the milky way playground
  • colonize the moon
  • save our rainforest
  • comic book designer
  • dreams
  • the love of art
  • branch out
  • the black mass of cancer
I chose these for their creativity and artistic ability. Is it just me or are the high school students' work not nearly as good as the younger grades. I think the best image overall is the love of art image, but I voted for the comic book designer because his description was awesome.

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