Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is Pretty Cool

I literally just came across this. If you are too lazy to click the link, there is an affiliate of Blogger called Blog2Print that makes your blog into a book. I tried it out and it looks pretty cool. The only problem is no one (not even me) would want a book of every blog post I do. Why not? Because I'm too random. On one page you'd get a great recipe and then the next you'd see a picture of my (formerly) huge gut and then the very next page you'd see something research related and then get a story about Snuffleupagus. While all that is fine and dandy, and it is what you've come to expect from The Randomly Grad Life it shouldn't get put into a book unless it's the Ant-thology (clever!).

I think sounds like a fun idea and something I could easily produce, but I'd break it up into a series of books:
  • The Randomly Grad Research
  • The Recipes of The Randomly Grad Life
  • Design by Anthony
  • The Stories of TRGL
  • "I'm Fat!" - the Collection
  • maybe even "I'm not Fat!" Exercises to Keep It Off
Sounds like a great collection! If I ever get around to doing this, then I'll let you all know and put it on the Products page. I think I may actually do a recipe's book and a research book. Those would be kinda neat. Let me know what you think.

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