Wednesday, April 7, 2010

P90X Workout Results

Don't confuse this. This isn't my final summary of P90X. That is going to come tomorrow. This also isn't my public unveiling. That will come this weekend with the brand new "I'm Fat!" What this is is my notes while working out. I have uploaded my spreadsheets of the exercises I did, my reps, my weights, etc. throughout the P90X routine.

As I continued on with the program, I made sure that each week I increased my reps or increased my weight or both. Pushing myself in this way allowed me to develop and progress. In the beginning you can see that for certain exercises I couldn't do much (*cough* pull-ups), but by the end of the program I was pounding them out. Some of them are extremely difficult to perform as you'll see this weekend. Anyways check out my exercise results on the next page.

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