Thursday, April 8, 2010

New "I'm Fat"... soon!

I was going to unveil the video this weekend, but I'm too excited about it and have been working hard for the past few hours to get it uploaded. I'm very proud of it even though parts of the video aren't of the best quality. This is the week of P90X recaps and I have 3 posts to be unveiled:
  1. New I'm Fat - Friday
  2. P90X Final Thoughts - Saturday
  3. P90X 90 Day Results - Sunday
The final results post should be the best one because I have a bunch of pictures to upload comparing day 90 to the rest of the program, but of course it has to compete with "I'm Fat!" which should be the most anticipated video. Anyways hopefully I can get this stuff out on time for once (the video will definitely come out on time). Stay tuned...

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