Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Knicks and the Playoffs

The NBA regular season is finally over and that means its time for the Playoffs! As you may or may not know, my beloved Knicks sucked for an entire year yet again (that makes 8 straight)! It has been a sad state of disgrace for me. Alas, my pain is nearly over. This summer the Knicks have cash! Just about everyone on the team is a free agent and Donnie Walsh (the GM of the Knicks) is going to say thanks, but no thanks. He and all of New York will then fly LeBron James to NYC and give him the best damn party anyone's ever seen. Then he will slide LBJ two contracts. One will be made out to himself and the other will be blank, and he'll be told "Pick anyone in the NBA that you want to play with!" And what will happen then, no one knows, but it will be exciting. For the first time since 1999 I will be excited to be a Knicks' fan! July 1st is coming and let the party begin!

But right now, starting today, the Playoffs are on. Since the Knicks are never in it, I've picked up the yearly tradition of adopting a team. I never go with the team that is probably going to win it all, except last year when I adopted the Magic (in my defense Cleveland was the favorite). I'm still a fan of Orlando, thanks to my buddy Brad, but this year my adopted team is going to be Oklahoma City since they are young and exciting. Unfortunately they have the daunting task of playing the Lakers in the first round, which means they have almost no chance to win but they're still my team. That is until the Knicks sign LBJ, then there will be no more adoptions. I'll finally have a child of my own!

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