Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the Two-Year Anniversary of my relationship with Stef. Wow! Two full years... It's pretty amazing to think that you can stand someone for that long let alone be with them and even enjoy their company. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised I've had as long and longer relationships before:

  • I've been my mother's son for 26 years (every day is a new record!)
  • Similarly I've been with my brother for 21 years in a few weeks
  • I've been engaged to Physics for the past 4 years (I think we're gonna break up soon though)
  • I've been secretly in love with Reese's for the last 8 years (Stef's caught me cheating a few times)
  • I've also been thinking about making the first Humanzee for a while now too (don't ask)
So when I put my relationship with Stef into perspective with all those relationships I shouldn't be so surprised that we have lasted this long (and many more to come), and I'll stop being so stereotypically male now. But still two years is a long time. Here are some of my favorite moments:
  • Our first date
  • Definitely these
  • The phone call that turned into this awesomeness (I feel like I've been promoting this a lot lately)
  • Making Halloween costumes and living nerd fantasies vicariously
  • All the eating fiascos (which are too numerous to remember and link but I'll try): Chicago (the whole time!), the Olympics (we spent the 2 weeks getting Wendy's and eating it in bed), making the girl scout cookies, the worst day of my life, and definitely the giant Reese's for Christmas
  • All the wonderful dates we've had: Valentine's Day '09, the many observing nights we've had (and there were some pretty awesome ones), short welcome back to ABQ (while she was in Chicago), our second date (we went for a walk at this really gay bio-park and I pretty much made up a bunch of stuff the entire time)
  • The Scorpion Incident
  • The numerous trips we've taken: LA, OKC, NY, Vegas, Denver, Chicago (and more?)
Whew, that is a long list and I can't even remember everything. I seriously would love to watch a sitcom style montage of our relationship, it would be hilarious. Anyways its been a fun two years and I hope we have a few more... before I kick her to the curb! Seriously, I'm a caged animal and it's just a matter of time before I need to be freed or risk giving people rabies (because I'll bite them through the cage bars or something).

Happy Anniversary Stef!

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Mom said...

Congratulations to you both, and I'm so glad to see you put me down as your first relationship in life:)

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