Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The End of Society, or Just Me?

Yes that is a chicken sandwich from KFC, only the buns are replaced with... chicken?! I don't know how KFC can produce this monster in today's super health conscious America. Not only that but it wasn't too long ago that they came out with the grilled chicken menu to go with the health fad. This goes against all of that. The question is... how long is it before I have one?

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Elaine A said...

Well Ant, I know the one with all the crispy, crunching coating looks delish, but go for the grilled version if you insist on indulging. Then let me know how good it is so I can test it. You are the scientist, so I'm letting you get first dibs - LOL! Luv ya babe!

Titi Elaine

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