Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Lost Contest

I am now 0-2 in graphic design contests, but I'm still no. 1 in your hearts but forgive me if that doesn't mean too much to me right now. If you remember (or not) I entered Gizmodo's "Design an iPad Etching Contest" way back in the day with this piece of awesomeness. They finally released the results today after many push backs. You can see them here.

Last design contest I didn't completely hate on the winner, but this time I will. The winner just drew a bunch of stuff surrounding the Apple logo and to me it doesn't seem very creative. The art is good, but it doesn't have any impact. I think the runner up is way better even though that design also doesn't mean anything to me. Does anyone else get it?

There is also a gallery of all the finalists for you to look at. They combined the best from both categories (best art and most embarassing) in this gallery so about half don't apply to me. I will say this out of all the "Best Design" Category finalists I only liked numbers 7, 10, 12, and 21 because I felt they made decent use of the Apple Logo. I honestly still think my design is better than those with the exception of maybe number 10.

I will say that I am hurt to not even make it into the finalists group. I'm guessing they didn't get my submission, disregarded the email I included with the submission, or disqualified me for explaining the design. I'm also guessing that being both artistic and accurate makes no sense to them and therefore could have been disqualified on those grounds as well. Mostly I feel like they just ignored my entry. Whatever. I'm really proud of the design regardless and I'll just have to get them back. You'll see what I mean soon. Steve Jobs also never wrote me back...

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