Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weight Loss so Far

As you may/may not know, a crucial element to weight loss is tracking progress. It is important to keep data of your weight as you gruel along. Looking back on that information can give you a much needed boost if you are feeling down or can't work up motivation. I have done just that. In my blog's sidebar you can see a spreadsheet of my weight each day. Today I included a table in that very spreadsheet (just use the scroll bars to see it) to track the overall progress of my weight loss. As you can see I've come very far.

Being the nerd I am I did two other types of data analysis. I took my everyday weights and split them up into weekly stats and then plotted it. Basically I plot days 1-7 vs my weight on those days and each week has a new data set. You can see this in the graph on the right.
I also did this for my previous weight loss challenge and decided to compare the two (see left graph).

It is obvious in both graphs that my weight fluctuations should be studied by scientists (oh wait, I am one!) because even on a weekly basis it fluctuates a lot. As you can see in my P90X weight loss, the last several weeks even cross. That means I'll lose weight one week and then gain weight and have to lose it again. Although that data is from the week I went to San Francisco and weight gain was expected. Also it is worth noting that the disconnects in my data are because I don't measure my weight daily. So instead of putting a zero and messing up the graphs I left it blank.

It is also evident that in TUWLC3, I plateaued around 175 and could not lose any more weight. During P90X I have blown by that number in recent days and I hope to never look back. Also it is surprising that my weekly trend in both graphs are similar, no matter what my starting weight for the week is. During the UWLC3, I gain week around the same time and then start losing weight. During P90X, I continually lose weight at about the same rate each week, except for Week 6 (the orange line) which was the week that I lost all motivation (but still dredged through it).

If I remember to do this for the final 3 weeks I have remaining I will, but don't count on it. I will continue to keep track of my weight and you can see that in the side bar. Also at the end of this I will scan my lifting sheets so you can see the progress I've made in the weight training portion of the program.

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