Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Features

If you look up above (just under the logo) you will notice something new. Blogger has the ability to create static pages (as opposed to the blog itself which is dynamic). That means I can provide permanent content on those pages and continue blogging here. The newest edition is the products page.

That's right, I finally went ahead and made my t-shirt store. I'm working diligently (over a long period of time) to get some great designs up in my store. I take requests, but I may choose to decline construction. As of now there are few shirts available but give me time and I will have lots more.

Now you can go to my store directly by clicking the link above (which will get put in the sidebar at some point) or you can go to the products page and browse there. Using my advanced knowledge of html and iframes I was able to put that nifty little doo-dad in there. Btw, html coding gets me amped for some reason. Whenever I set out to learn new html I spend waaaaay too much time on it. This happens a lot in my research notebook.

Anyways feel free to browse around, let me know what you think, and contact me if you have any suggestions.

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