Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny Story from Jason

Two more things to add. First here is the Google Transcript of what he is saying:
If how are you. I have the bought me a story to tell you. You know how you like slip off the ladies and stuff like that. The reaction. What used. It's really a stop on the issues where we stand. I mean, I just. I was born the car so I just came in the middle finger. She sends out of the car and i smaller have away. The lease standing in the middle of 9 Hi Ali with handling the Error not moving anywhere. We're gonna like stopping at her. She gets let me know everyone else their later years. Just be around. I just now at all because I for possibly I am that I've never done that yet, but of the funniest thing ever. I want to talk to you later. Bye.

Second Jason is referring to a story that happened when I went home in December. I used to find it quite amusing to drive around and flip people off for no apparent reason. I would do it to everyone from kids to the elderly. If you were walking around on the street or driving next to me you were going to get flipped off. Well in December I played this little game with Jason. He would drive up alongside someone and right when they looked over I would flip them off.

The reactions on these peoples faces were priceless. One woman even decided to have some words with me at a stoplight because of it. She threatened to do nothing with a gun to me. Literally she said "You are lucky I don't have a gun." Or what? You are gonna murder me and spend life in prison because you got flipped off? Good luck finding an attorney.

This story Jason tells is just priceless. She gets out of the car because he flipped her off and then he drives away. People in traffic start honking at her and she then flips them all off. How ironic!

Blogger's note: I love Google Voice and stuff like this (besides the game of what is Google going to think I'm saying). I encourage anyone who has a funny story to leave me a message by clicking the widget on the right and telling the world. If it is funny enough, I'll publish it here!

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