Monday, March 1, 2010

And the winner is...

...not me! With insider information I found out that I didn't win, but apparently it was close. Anyways I finally worked up the courage to look up the winner of the Science Commons t-shirt contest that I had entered. Here it is: winner of a chicken dinner. I have to say it is kinda nice. My competitiveness makes me hate it because it beat me, but I can't say too much bad about it.

I like the creative commons logo with the test tube in it (the robot is holding it) and the robot is ok, but I don't get what the robot represents. I know I made a design with a robot, but that was because a bunch of people were using data to build the robot (sharing information for a grand scheme). This robot is just holding a logo. The 2d barcode (also known as a QR code) supposedly references to Creative Commons but you can't scan it... or can you? I wouldn't even know how to search.

Well I tried my best and even though there are aspects I don't like about it, it is a really creative design and I tip my blog to you fellow science designer. I'll have to up the ante if there is a next time.


Diego said...

I think that it's a pretty picture, but there is too much going on in the image which makes it difficult to recognize the CC logo. The best most memorable logos are simple in my opinion, the science is caring one with the two black scientists exchanging a test tube should've won :)

Antman said...

Thanks Diego!

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