Tuesday, March 2, 2010

500 posts!

That is a ton of posts my friends. And this is how I celebrate blogging. I'd just like to say thanks for coming along for the ride. We've experienced a lot of highs and lows together and here is wishing for 500 more!

As part of the celebration I'd like to point you all toward a new KochLab website that compiles a lot of the extracurricular web doings of the lab. This includes Youtube and Blogs, but hopefully more to come soon.

I'd also like to announce IheartAnthony.com which isn't up yet, but when it does it will showcase everything that is me and feature this very blog. One day I won't be in grad school anymore and when that day comes there will be no "Randomly Grad Life." This new website will connect this life with my next venture and chronicle my regular everyday random life. So keep your eye out (of course I will announce it here) for this stuff.

Also I've got a slew of research explained posts that talk more about what I do, and all the science-y jargon that was on display last week from San Francisco. And you can all expect more Youtube videos of all sorts (science, "I'm Fat", random stuff) in the near future. There is just so much in store, I can't even think of it all right now. Until then...

Thanks for the views, support, and hearing my story (or lack thereof).

1 comment:

Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th blog,and look forward to the next 500:)

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