Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day is an Institution

...and it is designed to either make men heroes or look like they don't care about their women. Of course, I actually like Valentine's Day and so I don't care about the forced doing something to make my girlfriend happy. I usually try and do something really creative and special and this year I'm twisting everything in this same style, just to stick it to Hallmark!

We planned the day for Sat instead of the 14th just because doing everything on Sunday sucks and in case we wanted to go out for dinner we could get a table somewhere. We ended up not going out for dinner but instead I made dinner in an ode to our favorite restaurant (which is now closed) NYPD Pizza. More on this to come.

So that created the theme for the day. We would have nothing to do with the Institution of Valentine's Day. Instead of giving Stef chocolates, I made her fudge. Instead of getting her flowers, I got her something flower themed (but can't reveal it because it has not arrived yet). And instead of going out to dinner, we are making dinner. This last option also works out because I've been developing my culinary skills recently to cook much better than just about every restaurant in ABQ! (I don't know if that says something about my skills or the lack of great restaurants here.)

Do you remember this post? Well take a minute to read about the saddest food day of my life. I'll wait...

Stef and I wanted to recreate their delicious menu for our pleasure. We planned wings, pizza, and zeppoles! Utilizing my handy dandy deep frier, all this was possible. We made teriyaki and lemon pepper wings (two varieties not one conglomeration of flavor). We made artichoke, pepperoni, bacon, mushroom pizza. This came out super delicious and super greasy. Definitely restaurant worthy. And the coup de gras was the zeppoles. These failed miserably. They were really good tasting, but the recipe I followed was the familiar zeppole dough that I was expecting. Next time I will look up funnel cake recipes and make zeppoles that way.

The best part is I didn't even gain weight! Of course this stemmed from the fact that I could not eat more than 1 slice of pizza and 3 wings. I had 2 zeppoles too. Normally my diet would consist of 4-6 slices, 8-12 wings, and all the zeppoles. My how times have changed... must be the recession!

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