Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The TripChameleon

This is a fake company invented by two people, whose identities shall remain secret so there are no repercussions. One of the party members mentioned it to me in passing and my brain went bonkers. I immediately knew what I had to do as far as logo design goes and after some days of procrastination I got on with it. Without further ado here is the logo for TripChameleon:I made a fake website for it too, but to prevent myself from getting in trouble you will have to scour the interweb for it.

Of course I couldn't have done it had Stef not decided to go on a cleaning binge this weekend. It started by moving some furniture and when that was done she was super charged. She took such a long time with her chores that I went through all my websites, TV channels, and ipod and still had time to do this logo. After all that procrastination, I had no choice. Now I'm fired up for more...

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