Monday, January 11, 2010

P90X and TUWLC4

It has begun...

That's right, I'm in the midst of the next Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge and I'm using P90X to help me through it. The TUWLC4 isn't really a challenge yet. I'm weight loss motivated so it hasn't been too much pressure. But I'm doing it with my buddy Andy and we are trying to get our fat boss to participate in it as well. Should I fail one day my punishment is to eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I've only eaten that many donuts once in my life and it sucked. Andy's punishment is to go a day without coffee, which is like me omitting Reese's from my life.

I'm going to take the P90X challenge as my workout routine and I am already one week into the workout. The premise is simple, there are 12 videos and you rotate through 7 videos each week to confuse your muscles. You alternate between weight routines and cardio routines and occasionally there are cardio and rest weeks. Diet is important, of course, and I have incorporated healthy cooking into my recipes.

By the end of this challenge (and then the 90 days of P90X) I will be more fit than ever, hopefully. Also at the end I will provide a full review of the P90X program and provide updates sporadically throughout the 90 days. One of the main reasons for this is that I haven't found too many good reviews of this on the internet, that haven't seemed like they were paid off. So I'm going to provide an unbiased opinion of the program.

In the early stages so far I would say it works. The workouts are intense. So far I am sore all over, but this is expected. I definitely believe I can survive because I know how to workout hard. In undergrad I would play basketball for around 3 hours a day and I would lift for an hour 4 days a week. Also people should note that in the P90X fitness guide they talk about minimum fitness requirements. While I think it is a good idea, it doesn't play out so well and not passing this requirement shouldn't prevent you from doing the workouts as you can build yourself up to doing all the workouts. The requirement is a good idea as a way to gauge what you can do before and after the 90 days though.

Also P90X comes equipped with tons of marketing. They constantly promote nutritional products and their website. In the middle of exercises in the videos Tony Horton will stop to talk about the website. It gets annoying after a while, but it is easy to tune out if you are in the zone.

I've gone through the workouts in the Book of Muscle and I feel that the workouts in the book are much more complete. Every 3 weeks there is a completely different workout (as opposed to some amalgamation of 12 workouts) and the book provides guidelines for nutrition, extra workouts, and even information about the body in general.

To compare that to P90X, you get a lot of the same information (except there is no information about muscles and what each exercise does) but everything is attached to a product from Beach Body. The one main positive is that the videos show you exactly what you are doing and you get a little more motivated by Tony's encouragement and yelling.

Of course I am only one week in and there isn't much to say yet, but after the first block (weeks 1-4) I will update again with my progress and some thoughts on what I've been through and what's yet to come. Also I'll constantly update on TUWLC4 and reveal the final results in the beginning of Feb.

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