Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P90X After 30 Days

Finally it is time for an update! As you know I have taken the P90X challenge after being so utterly disgusted with my appearance and my self esteem nose-dived. The program is 90 days and I am here at day 26 ready for the first comparison. I know, 30 days would be a better time, but the workouts change every 3 weeks and there is a 1 week "break" so that is technically 28 days.

This comparison coincides with the program as they prescribe that you photograph yourself every 30 days (including day 1). I have taken this a step further by taking a picture almost every day. These results will be revealed during the next "I'm Fat!" video, but for now I will show you the day 1 vs day 30 results.What do I think about the program? More on that after the jump.

Well if you look at the results I started at 197 and now I am officially 182 a drop of 15 lbs. I am at my natural weight with 60 days left to go. In all honesty I would like to lose only about 7 more pounds (putting me at 175) and then start maintaining the weight but replacing the fat with chiseled awesomeness. I think I can do this easily in 60 days especially because I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and maintained weight in this off week.

I think the workouts are great. Previously I said this program isn't anything special. I haven't purchased any of the products advertised in any of the videos. I've just been doing the workouts and eating right. That's it! I maintain my stance that the workouts aren't anything special. I've read tons of sources in the past and they all say the same thing. Don't overtrain, do strength training, do some cardio in between, eat healthy, and you will see results. These workouts are no different. They utilize all those basics.

Don't let this confuse you. I am not saying P90X isn't a good workout. In fact, the workouts are amazing. During the three "on" weeks you alternate strength training with cardio workouts for 6 days and then rest or stretch on day 7. Every week you incorporate Yoga and a Tae Bo like workout called Kenpo X. The Yoga is extremely difficult but incredibly rewarding. During the on weeks you also have some plyometrics, which is a great tough workout. It is much harder than the yoga, but in a different way. In the "off" week you do yoga, kenpo, core synergistics, and stretch.

So far, what do I like? Well I love the Yoga, Plyometrics, Core Synergistics, and X Stretch. I do really like the strength training, but I especially like those above. I absolutely hate the Kenpo X workout. I don't think it is fun and I dread doing it every time. I am thinking of substituting it with either another dose of Plyo or even just doing bball or something.

Because of the yoga and the stretching (each video makes you stretch before and after the workout, but there is an hour stretching video which is like a simple yoga workout) my flexibility is already improved by leaps and bounds. When I first started, I could barely touch my toes. Now I can reach the floor with my palms flat on the floor and more. I've also already seen vast improvements in my strength training. Initially the exercises were greuling and sad because my numbers were low and my weight was low (for lifting). Now the number of pullups I can do has increased by about 1.5 times and also for pushups (those are the base exercises of both chest and back). Ab Ripper X is the ab workout that you do after every strength training workout. It is the hardest ab workout I've ever done and it took me 3 weeks to be able to do MOST of it. I've done some pretty good ab workouts, but never anything like this before. I've got some pretty good results from it too.

Now don't get me wrong, when I was doing other regiments I think I would see similar improvements, but with most of these workouts you don't need access to fancy equipment. The only thing you absolutely need is either a band or a pullup bar (or both). I do my workouts at the school fitness center cause I am cheap and that works well too. I have noticed people watching me because some of the exercises are unorthodox and look impresive, even with light weights! That's always really nice.

The last achievement I want to discuss is that now I fit into clothes I haven't worn in a few months. This is the best of all. I started buying clothes that were smaller sizes (Medium if you must know) and then started ballooning up and my wardrobe became limited. Well now I can fit into all that stuff again and that is a great feeling.

So after 1/3 of the program I give P90X a positive review. I was going to call it quits if I didn't like it, but I want to see the next stage of workouts so I will continue on. I now would like to do the entire program and see what happens. I'll be back with another review 30 days from now to tell you all about it. I guess I'm hooked!


Mom said...

Ok now as your mother who's known you all of your life, that 1st picture on day 1 is not freaking you, but the 2nd one on day 28 is you. You might be able to fool everyone else but you can't fool mommy:)

Antman said...

believe it or not, Day 1 is me. Now I know that is still way less than I was in high school and half of college, but it is huge for my new fitness level. Day 28 is around my real easy to maintain weight. Day 60 though I will be 50% better looking than that.

Fmolina said...

Came across your blog looking for some inspiration on Day 28.  Great story- hope I get similar results.  

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