Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Everyone always says they are going to commit to something for the new year. Why do they do this? How many people actually follow through? Last year I made a couple of resolutions: (1) to lose weight and (2) establish Brand Anthony.

Well I completed task 1 by the end of January, in what we in the lab called the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. I had weight about 190lbs and lost weight till I got to 169lbs. Then months of eating resulted in my (slowly) gaining weight back up to 185. Then in August I did TUWLC3 (the ultimate weight loss challenge 3) which gave me a new I'm Fat video and a better healthier attitude. I lost weight slower but better, but also hurt my back in the process. Then I took time off to heal up and slowly gained all the weight back so that now I am 195lbs.

As for task 2, that went pretty smoothly. After the calendar creation last year I decided to become a hired gun freelance designer and expand my base of operations. Since that decision I have done several logo jobs (see last post), made some comics ("One and Done" and the "Struggles of T-Rex"), made some movies, and just plain kicked ass. I'm in the process (a very slow one) of developing a website to conglomerate everything and I'm also in the development stages of making a REAL movie. I can't say much about this, but I am co-writer and filmer and probably editor of what it will be. Hopefully we can get filming near completion by June (yet to start BTW).

In a bonus resolution, my research is going really well and has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past year. I have always done my notebook online, but it wasn't until about February that Koch and I decided I would go completely open and be the first in our lab to do so. I have developed a bunch of established relationships via FriendFeed with other famous open scientists and have become decently known in the community. I publish experiments on Youtube, presentations on SlideShare, and my notebook is openly available to everyone in the world. I hope to innovate the field by the time I graduate in some way, shape, or form.

As for this year's resolution, here is what I hope to accomplish:

1. Weight loss (again). I don't really count this because I would have started weeks ago if the gym had been open. Instead I had to hold out till now (the gym opens on Mon), but I have a new healthy approach and I will tell you more about it later.

2. Following through. I have some projects I would like to actually carry through on. The Struggles of T-Rex is one of those projects, the movie I'm making is another. I also need to stay on top of "I'm Fat!" Finally, I have an actual comic book story (like graphic novel sized) that I want to work on and I will need to write it out. I'll set that deadline to be done by June.

3. Stage 2 of Brand Anthony. Of course that is just the codename, but getting this website up and running is all of it. I will need to have a portfolio, integrate this blog, perfect webdesign, and learn Flash and Actionscript. Daunting tasks, I know, but all necessary. Should be fun!

4. Continued ass-kicking in science. I don't mean to put this at the bottom cause it is actually my highest priority. I put it here because it is not really a resolution but a promise. My next foreseeable talk is in August and maybe I can have something totally bad-ass by then (presentationally that is, because it will be bad-ass as far as the science goes).

Who knows where the year will take me, but if I can achieve most of these goals by the end of the year I will be in great shape for the future!

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