Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Formatting Of TRGL

In the past I was always angered by the amount of space my posts take up. I had seen tons of blogs where there was a "Read More..." option at the bottom of the post that linked the rest of the material. For a while I just assumed that it didn't exist on blogger. Well, it does and after learning how to implement it, I did!

Now my main page won't be so cluttered with my droning. You can choose to continue reading my nonsensical babble or just go on to the next post. If you are reading this, then you decided to continue on.

Of note is that old posts won't appear in this fashion, because I am not going to add this to all 400 something old posts (wow I've been doing this for a while). Through the magic of digital technology, I can add a simple little template so that each post from here on out can have this amazing new (for me) addition.

Also I learned what "after the jump" means. Usually in blog posts, a writer will put this in before those "Read more..." links. This apparently stems back to the newspaper days when articles would be summarized on the front page and then continued later in the paper. So the jump is the link to the rest of the article and after the jump is the rest of the article. I suppose the stuff on the main page is before the jump. Ok lesson over. Enjoy the new format and if you don't like it let me know in the comments.

Update: After learning all that stuff above, I then learned a much easier way to do this and removed all that nonsense. Also I noticed that the previous change affected every post and I learned the new way when looking for a fix to the issue. Now everything is good and dandy again.

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