Saturday, January 16, 2010

Healthy Chicken Tacos

In one of the first attempts at cooking healthy (from last week sometime) I decided I needed to not only make my meals healthy, but also tasty. I don't want to cut things out of my life otherwise that will make me want to cave and pig out. The recipes I have and will develop help me in that aspect. I've been trying to cook lean, ie little to no oil and definitely no butter. I've also been staying away from red meat, instead opting for chicken, fish, and pork. This time I made chicken tacos. Here is how I did it:

low carb tortillas
roma tomatoes
jalapeno pepper
spring mix greens

If you aren't familiar with my recipe writing style, I don't provide amounts because I like to leave it as an option. Unless you are making a sauce or are baking, you don't need to have actual numbers. If you don't feel confident in your cooking skills and just don't know how much of something to add just remember that spices and foods that provide flavor go in lesser quantities than base foods otherwise you risk overflavoring your food. Also of note is that it is perfectly acceptable to cheat. You don't need to spend 30 min cutting up your food. If you want to use a food processor, do it. I do! Anyways here is my prep...

I chopped up some chicken breast into cubes and mixed it with some small diced onions and peppers and a little cilantro and sautéed until the chicken was done. For seasoning I used Adobo and Cumin (to give it that taco flavor). Also having a nonstick pan is extremely helpful because of the fact we aren't using oil to cook the chicken. Of course, those cooking sprays come in handy for just this reason.

Next I made a salsa from Roma tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno, and avocados. I used my mini food chopper that Stef got me for Christmas. Instead of lettuce I used spring mix as a topper and don't forget to warm your tortillas. Stove top works well, but microwaving is perfectly acceptable.

It came out EXCELLENT if I do say so myself. I had never tried tacos from scratch and usually opt for the kit, but this was just as easy if not easier. I was really surprised by how good it all tasted. Try this recipe out, add your own ingredients, have fun.


Mom said...

I will make this next week and see just how excellent it is:)

Mom said...

I will make this next week and see just how excellent it is:)

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