Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fossil Fuels

In my ongoing expanse of my portfolio here is a brand new company I made a logo for.
Read on for back story...

I've said many times that when I die, I want to have an unorthodox funeral. Instead of being put into a casket or cremated, I want to be fossilized. This company, Fossil Fuels, does just that. They take deceased persons and fossilize them for eternal preservation. Of course the byproduct of this method is oil. Fossil Fuels will process the oils from the fossilization process and give them to the family of the deceased for use in cars, houses, etc.

They will fossilize anyone and anything and are in the process of fossilizing entire cemeteries here in NM with the government's consent. Once fossilized bodies are buried in a nearby mountain range with a pipe for continued oil extraction (a small amount over hundreds of thousands a year). I've seen the storage facility and it looks a lot like a mine shaft. The natural oil produced gets piped into ABQ with the aid of PNM for a more green and price efficient model.

Their funeral slogan is "Go green to the grave." But I left this out of this version seen above. BTW, this logo was a pain to make. I've never seen natural oil before and there is really nothing useful on Google Image search. I had some idea of what I wanted to make but everything I tried came out with poor results. Finally I came up with what you see above, and I am actually pretty happy with it.

In other news I have one more logo to make which is one of two new logos for myself. If I'm going to expand my brand then I need a better logo. After next week's upload I will make a few strips of "The Struggles of T-Rex" and then work on some more logos. My hope is that I can unveil something new graphically each week of the year. We'll see though.

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