Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ACME Clubs

In the spirit of adding to my portfolio, I have started coming up with fake companies and I am designing their logos. This one is a demented joke that I had no understanding of the origin. I'll reveal the logo and then go into particulars:Sadly I had to delve into the understanding of what this joke stemmed from (Stef didn't even know about clubbing baby seals). I came across some pages that talked about hunting seals (which apparently is completely legal) and even though it is extremely sad and terrible what happens to these pups, the descriptions of them are rather funny.

Shooting them is extremely difficult so hunters take clubs to their skulls. According to law, you must bash their brains in until you know the seal is dead. To check you must poke the seal in the eye. If it doesn't blink it is dead, but if it does then you must prolong the head bashing. The mental picture of the eye poke makes me laugh (inside), but I actually do feel bad about that. Imagine your surprise if you see this thing blink! As funny and sad as all that is, I embellished on none of it and come to you in the truth of what I read on the web. Activists may want this to stop, but the Canadian government says it is legal and they have rules pertaining to this practice, so I'm fine with it. But just google image search baby seals... they are so cute! (Of course when I do it, the first image is a seal being clubbed...)

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