Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adding to My Portfolio

So I've been saving these images for quite some time for various reasons (which I'll get to), but finally I've decided it is time to do some unveiling. For the past bunch of months I've been offering my services as a graphic designer to do some logo creation. A couple of these projects I have mentioned and one I have kept secret. So let's get right into it.

I've spoken before about my friend Katie (known as Karma for reasons I won't go into) and her group SWIPHT. I'm not positive what that stands for, but it is something to the effect of "Smart Women in PHysics Today." Anyways she had commissioned me to do a logo for the group and I began pretty much right away (or very late, I can't remember which). Unfortunately it seems like the group has died off from lack of support from the other female Physics students at UNM. As a result, the logos I have created were never finalized and instead of letting them sit in limbo (my hard drive), I am choosing now to unveil the logos.

I made 3 different logos for the group to choose from. This first logo was my first creation. Since the group is about women in Physics, I figured nothing says empowerment more than a woman running. Also motion is a major concept of classical mechanics so I decided to add the blur. Finally I made some really cool lettering. One last part which was added later is the physics equations being blown around by the wake of the runner. This was suggested to me from one of the group members.The next two logos were made after an initial meeting I had with the group to give them the opportunity to have some input into the design (unfortunately this was also our only meeting). The concept for both is that the runner is running on a path of equations in her pursuit of knowledge. I used regular words for the first image and an alteration of the special letters from above for the second. I also remodeled the runner slightly to make her seem more feminine (smoother curves).Getting the paths right was kind of tricky, but both were a ton of fun to make. Also meeting with the group and getting their feedback was a great experience. I really like the face-to-face meeting to give the owner of the logo the proper feel of contribution.

I believe I had mentioned back in September that I had been hired by a private investigator to make a logo for him. Well I'm not sure if I can show the final version, so instead I will show a previous version that was slightly tweaked before achieving the final version. I decided to go with a magnifying glass as the main graphic because when I think of PI's I think of fingerprints, magnifying glasses, and funny hats. I then used the glass to give the appearance of magnified letters. In the real final version, the handle is straight to the right and the entire RFI is being magnified.
This final logo was a Christmas gift to my stepfather, Ray. My mom informed me that he was interested in doing a minor car detailing business and had a couple of interested people. I made this logo for him to put on business cards to give to people. I also came up with the name. I really like the name, it says a lot about Ray's personality towards cars. As for the graphic design, I wanted to do something original. I did a search on "car detailing" and every logo was a car. I thought it was quite boring. A car has to be in the logo, but I decided to stylize that a little bit. I worked for a while trying to get the bubbles to be just how I wanted them before finally settling on what you see below. Believe it or not, that is what I spent the most time on. Also, after a while I decided to add some shine to the text. I should call my graphic design Ant's Attention to Detail. In every single image above, there is always a few minor details that I pour hours over just trying to get it right. Ahhh, this is the life I choose.

In celebration of the new year, the unveiling of these logos, and the promotion of myself and my talents, I will be offering free logo design throughout the month of January. Of course, because it is free and I have grad work to do as well, the speed that I do the tasks presented (if anyone takes me up on the offer) is dependent completely on how I feel. Just mention the special code "FREE" and I will give you a free logo design. All offers must be made in email to me, which shouldn't be too hard to find what that is. The only thing I ask in return is that you mention me to all your friends, family, coworkers, etc to bring me some business in the new year. So in recap... free graphic design in January!

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