Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's new in ABQ?

Since my Candidacy Exam I have not been too active on the blog. I apologize and I'll get back on it slowly but surely. As you know my A-Exam (what Koch calls the Candidacy, my Dissertation is the B-Exam) was successful. My presentation was the complete opposite of the practice exam I provided for all you on slideshare. It went really smooth and from what I've been told, everyone was really impressed. What else has been going on? Hmmm, let me think...

Well my constant battles with weight has grown out of control. I have ballooned up (again), but I believe this is due to the fact that I have not been able to work out. Ever since the A-exam I feel like I'm in A-Exam mode and have to get a ton of stuff done at all times. While this self-stress allows me to be super-productive in lab, I come home and feel like I can't do enough. I will get back in the gym soon though.

Halloween was yesterday. Last year I learned how to use a sewing machine and made Protoman come to life. Within a couple days after that I decided to become Billy Mays. Stef had more trouble deciding what to be and it wasn't until earlier in October this year that we figured it out. I convinced her to be a ninja turtle, but only on the condition that it would be designed for a girl. Well I got to employ those sewing skills yet again and helped her become a female version of Rafael. We got pictures of the aftermath, and I'll post those soon.

This reminds me. I lost the cable to my camera so I haven't been able to post any pictures since August. Well I owe a lot and at least the "I'm Fat" from after August. So expect that in a week or so.

The weather here in ABQ has been strange. September was pretty warm with temperatures in the 80's and October has been pretty cold. So much so that we had snow twice this week! Apparently here in the Southwest we go from Summer to Winter and skip right past fall. This week looks to give me something back as the temperature will be in the 60's. I have lost my skin, because that is cold to me now. I remember being in Albany and when it was 30 degrees I would consider that hot!

Speaking of seasons, I'm ready for the Christmas one. Not because I love presents (which I do), or because I'm uber-religious (which I'm not), but because every new holiday brings a new kind of Reese's creation and the hope that they'll unveil some kind of oversized version. Valentine's Day brought me a giant Reese's heart, Easter brought me some giant Reese's eggs, and the other holidays have been huge letdowns. Halloween (definitely top 2 of candy holidays) gave me a big fat nothing in terms of the giant Reese's which was a surprise. Here's hoping that Christmas provides! If it doesn't I'm writing a letter to Mr. Reese himself to complain.

Finally I'd like to talk about sports. The Yankees are in the world series... yay. That's all I'll say cause I'm not too big on baseball, but since they are the only good NY team I'll have to hold onto something. The Giants are lowsy. As of today, they have lost their last 3 games in miserable fashion. They look like a shell of their former selves and the defense is terrible. My fantasy team (which has only 1 Giants player) is suffering also for some unknown reason.

Lastly, basketball season is here! The Knicks are terrible though. They have lost their first 3 games, although the last two they mounted huge comebacks. In both games, they were down by at least 20 points and came back. One game went to double OT, and the other went to OT. Needless to say, they lost both. Danilo Gallinari looks pretty good though and he'll break some records this season.

Last year I bought NBA League Pass broadband (so I can watch the games online), and I'm struggling to decide if I should do it this year. For $5 more than last season, I can watch only 7 teams all year round. Last year I was able to watch any game. This year, David Stern has decided to jew me out. Oh well. I don't think I want to watch the Knicks lose anyways.

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