Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is retarded!

Here is a news story for you. A couple gets arrested after not paying the mandatory gratuity some restaurants place on the bill for parties of six or more. The way they were treated, I wouldn't pay the tip either. Apparently that mandatory 18% is for real because they were arrested for theft.

According to the article the manager claims he tried to comp them a meal, but I don't believe that would be true, because who would turn that down. While I do understand that for large parties tip should be added to the bill, in cases of exceptionally poor service there should be exceptions.

I've been in similar situations where I had waiters who literally didn't do anything, and why should I be forced to tip them? Tipping is for people who do a good job not just for doing their job, or in this case for chilling in the back with the chefs.

Apparently the couple is set to go to trial next month. I would love to be in the courtroom when this goes down. I hope the judge penalizes the couple by forcing them to go to a GOOD restaurant where they will be waited on hand and foot. They should do this once a week for a month and check in with their parole officer to make sure everything is going ok. At the end of the month they will have to turn in their receipts and prove they tipped for proper service. That'll teach them.

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