Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Losing Weight Recap

Remember back in August I went through the third installation of the Ultimate Weight Lose Challenge? Check out the I'm Fat tag for August. Well now that I got my pictures off my camera I can show the results. Let's look back:

This first image was taken my last day in Chicago while I was feeling extra bad about myself.
This next image was taken a day or so after I got back from Chicago. The stomach is a little smaller because I wasn't eating giant deep dish pizzas anymore.

This picture is the last picture I took during the UWLC3. Notice the redness on my stomach. I had gone out for a run MID-day to tan up. Backfired big time...
Finally here is a side-by-side of those last two images. I assure you, I am not sucking in. That is the real deal. Unfortunately, now a days I look more like the top picture.

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Anonymous said...

you have a great body. dont worry about losing weight!

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