Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Billy Mays here for the Randomly Grad Life. Do you get bored surfing the internet? Do you frequently struggle to hit the correct keys on the keyboard? Do you wish there was just somewhere else to go? Well there is just by going to the Randomly Grad Life, the cure for the common blog!

Here are the costumes Stef and I made for Halloween. Stef is dressed as Rafael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I am Billy Mays equipped with Oxi Clean, Kaboom, and the Zorbees (not Shamwow!). It was a great night and everyone loved our costumes. People had me pitching things all night long and couldn't get enough! Stef's costume was a blast to make. Here is what we did:

The shell comes from a costume we bought off eBay. It was a boy's costume and we cut off the arms and legs so we were left with the front shell. We then bought some metallic green and shiny red fabric and made the costume. We made a cylindrical piece from the green fabric for a tube skirt. Then we fastened a zipper to two pieces of fabric, one small and one large (both green). The small piece was sewed to one side of the front shell, and the large piece was sewed to the other side. We did this so that the zipper would be under her right arm. This would make the top. We then used some red fabric to make some frills on the bottom of the front shell. We cut out two equal width strips of red fabric to make the belt and the mask. In the mask we cut nose and eye holes. In the back shell we glued two pieces of green fabric to which we attached some velcro. We attached the complimentary piece of velcro to the sides of the top. We then bought some ninja sais to complete the costume.

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Mom said...

you guys looked great:)

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