Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Fat! and the UWLC3

Well I'm ending my 3rd week in the Ultimate weight Loss Challenge 3 (the first one was back in January, and I wasn't part of number 2 which didn't last that long anyways). If you've been following along then you know that I am doing pretty well. My official starting weight was 185 and so I've lost 11 pounds, but my real starting weight was 190lbs (because I was in Chicago for the start) and i've lost 16lbs from that number.

There are 9 more days left in this competition and I'm determined to win it all. I've had a little setback because I got sunburned on Sunday and couldn't do exercise Mon-Wed. Thursday I got back on the wagon and went for a run, and last night I ran 4 miles which is my high for the summer and second most miles I ever ran (8 is the most)!

On Monday school starts so I will be pressed to find decent workout times but basketball should come easier because there are a lot of people that want to play from 5-8pm. I'm going to be there a lot. Also don't forget, but there will be a brand new "I'm Fat!" coming the last day of the UWLC3 giving everyone a progress report on my weight loss.

The only problem is that Stef returns from Chicago tonight and I am going to eat and be merry! She wants McDonald's right off the plane, and tonight we are going to have a candlelit chicken wings and Chinese food dinner and some champagne. I hope to not wake up at 180lbs tomorrow, but I'm trying to minimize the damage. I've already walked 3.3 miles and I want to go on another walk with Stef later tonight. Also tomorrow is the Osley Lab picnic and Koch will be there (as will I). Thus I have to do everything in my power to get him to consume food. It's all part of the competition. I play dirty like that!

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