Monday, August 17, 2009

I have this - no lie

Check this video out.

I am hungry all the time with an insatiable appetite as well. It's pretty scary dealing with such a disease, and I'm glad someone has finally recognized it. At work all I think about is food. Obviously I control it a lot better than she can cause I don't need to have cabinets locked at all times, but it's still difficult. I think about food all the time and if I could I would eat all the time.

At least I can work towards controlling the problem. They say it is a chromosomal defect and guess what kind of research I do. That's right genetic stuff. Now I can spend the rest of my life doing the research I need to cure it.


Anonymous said...

the locks go on the cabinets this weekend

Mom said...

LOL to Stef, and no more junk food, only healthy foods.

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