Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 Things

1. I should have named earlier's post "The Trail That Will Get You Sunburned at Noon Wearing no Shirt" because do I have a burn. Hopefully it ain't too bad, but it is annoying me now.

2. The run I did this evening sucked my donkey's balls. It was full of every single challenge you would expect to find running through a desert. I had to run up and down steep hills (I was in a canyon). Every part of the trail (from where it got windy) was really loose. It was like running on a beach and not the nice hard part near the water. Actually it was like running on the floppy vagina of a beach with no water that only has had wind erosion so none of the sand is compacted. Also there were little canyons I constantly had to jump over and they got bigger as I got more tired. I have never experienced a run like that. I also didn't expect it to be over 2 miles long either. I was thinking like 1.5 miles. I couldn't even run home. I wanted to crawl into a snake hole, let it bite me, and hope that the poison would kill me quickly. Then I wanted coyotes to eat me, walk to Stef's house, and poop me out on the front lawn. That would have been a much more satisfying way to get home then the long grueling walk back.

Oh yea, and did I mention I had a sunburn!

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