Friday, July 10, 2009

Stef Left Me-eft (Sorry I wanted it to continue to rhyme)

This is a bit of way old news, since half the summer has gone by. But Stef left me for a better city, Chicago. She is doing an REU up there in Astronomy and I have no clue what her project is. Something about programming and something about gravitational lensing.

In the spirit of her departure I will slowly but surely discuss whatever she manages to tell me about her science and share pictures and stories about my own REU experience from several years ago in Puerto Rico. I'll do this all when I get back to ABQ of course. Also in the spirit of her departure, I have proceeded to do what all boys do when the girl is away... run around the house naked!

Well, not yet, but when I go to her house to watch it for the 2nd half of the summer I will! Stay fresh.

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