Friday, July 31, 2009

I think my phone is broken

So I have the ultra crappy VX10000 which is more brick than phone, but Verizon still sold it to me. I didn't even know Japanese people liked the capability of being a brick as one of the features of these new all-in-one phones. I think it's broken now because whenever I talk on it to Stef (who is the only person I ever speak with, its texts and emails for the rest of yous) I just hear all this crackling and popping.

We can test this theory though, so if you read this, call me and tell me the magic password: peeknuckle mcduess-enstein and I'll let you know if it still crackles. Of course this is only for people who know my phone number. Hopefully it's not plastered somewhere on the internet because I pretty much have no privacy anymore.

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