Sunday, July 12, 2009

Future Projects

Progress Report on my Summer Dealings:

I have sort of commenced work on my SWIPHT logo. Conceptually I have it down. I just need to start illustrating. I tried something during my Portland trip, but I couldn't get the lines right so I'm going to essentially start over. I'm going to sketch it first this time and then move it to Illustrator.

Tons of kickass research that will postpone any other extracurricular hobbies that I have to do (graphic design, etc). I wanted to learn Flash this summer, but it looks like that will go on hold for a little while. I need to give (and make) a couple of talks and finalize a potential internship more details to come later and on the research blog.

I have a couple projects in terms of graphic novels. I am working with my best friend in NY Trinity to make a comic. We really haven't discussed details, but I'm going to adapt one of her short stories as a sort of preview. That should get the ball rolling. Then I have a story that I wrote about 4 years ago that I want to further develop and illustrate. This one is top secret so I won't reveal anything until the time comes... but I will update on progress as I advance. I will need some beta testers to help me develop the story some. The other project with Trin however I will keep you all completely in the loop.

I need to start working on a logo for my brother too. I don't even know that I'm doing this or if he even cares, but I think it will be cool. It will be based on his stupidly gay tattoos but he likes them so I'll do it for him. Stupid bastard.

I'm going to start working on new One and Done's soon, and I PROMISE to have a new I'm Fat by September. I know its such a hard deadline, but I can do it. I just have to believe.

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